Health sector projects have included –


Picturing Desire

2007 Positive East, Stepney Centre, London.
Artist/facilitator working with adult service users of HIV/AIDS centre exploring personal history through photography.


Creative Voices

2007 Creative Voices / Salvation Army Africa Regional Facilitation Team. Kenya.
Artist/facilitator. Community development practitioners from Kenya and artists from the UK collaborated with communities affected by HIV/AIDS in and around Nairobi. Using theatre, visual art and photography to support the communities to critically analyse their shared concerns.


2007 SPACE, London.
Artist/facilitator. Digital media collaboration with service users in a secure psychiatric hospital and outreach work with those recently returning to live in the community.
Link to project info
Link to project research paper


1995 – 1996 Positive East, Stepney Centre, London.
Arts worker for HIV/AIDS centre.


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